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| Friday January 28 2011 9:26 pm | Comments (1)

Do you want to learn new vocab? Are you studying for the SAT or GRE to get that score you can be proud of? The notoriously difficult verbal section at core is a test of one’s vocabulary. Download this app today so that you can conquer it with confidence!

SAT Vocab Cards comes with about 1000 vocabulary flash cards to help you learn quickly! Other apps give too few, or perhaps too many words, but we have chosen a good set of 1000 that you can expect to see on the SAT and GRE tests.

Here are SAT Vocab’s main features:

  • 1000 high frequency SAT words
  • Audio for the word and its definition
  • Flashcard mode for studying
  • Search mode
  • Quiz mode to evaluate yourself
  • Ability to mark cards as Favorites
  • Categorization of cards into “Hard” and “Easy” groups based on your quizzing.

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  1. Comment by Bea — July 30, 2011 @ 12:15 pm

    Great to learn this way

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