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| Friday January 28 2011 9:54 pm | Comments (1)

Learn Hindi Quick is a flashcard program for Hindi vocabulary that teaches you efficiently.

Currently the app contains 800 commonly used words, with audio pronunciations. There is no fluff, no distractions, just knowledge flowing straight into your brain. Using the dynamic quiz feature, you can fly by stuff you already know and focus on new material.

The cards contain the following information:

  • Hindi word in Devanagari
  • Transcription of Hindi word to Roman alphabet
  • English translation
  • Part of speech
  • Hindi audio pronunciation

But besides looking at the cards, you can quickly search through the lists, mark your favorites, take quizzes and review the most difficult ones.

Please help us by providing lots of feedback. We’ll continue to add content and features to make this the best app for learning Hindi!

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  1. Comment by Aneal Dayal — June 27, 2011 @ 10:18 pm

    this app is great so far…i just have one question….in the pictures shown in the app store for the mac, it says “cat” then underneath it says “billi”….i was wondering where i can set the preferences so that i can see the hindi words written in english

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