New Features in version 1.4

Dinosaurs! | Sunday January 23 2011 12:33 am | Comments (0)

Hello again everyone! Hope you had a great holiday season. We recently released an update to Dinosaurs Unleashed! which includes useful features like Favorites and Groups, and, as always, bug fixes and other minor improvements. So you can now pick out your favorite dinos and the app will focus only on those, or you can set it to focus only on the dinos that you know well or don’t know as well. The quiz feature also uses these groups to help you learn dinos more efficiently — for example, you can select “Poorly answered” as the group, and then DinoCards, Dinos In Your Backyard and the Search feature will only bring up those dinosaurs which have been poorly answered in the quiz. This will help you get more familiar with the dinos that you don’t know so well, and the quiz will also ask you about these dinosaurs so that you can be sure that you’ve learned them correctly. We try to make learning efficient here at Live Doodles! :D

You asked for it, you got it!

Dinosaurs! | Tuesday September 28 2010 9:55 am | Comments (0)

Since we released Dinosaurs Unleashed! a month ago, we’ve received lots of feedback from users asking for new features. We want to make sure all of our users are happy, and so we’ve been hard at work adding these features in.

Many of you asked for ordering of the dinosaurs by time period or by weight, and so we’ve added the ability to order them by any vital statistic available on the flashcards — name, time period, weight, length, … whatever you want!

Some of you were frustrated by the email feedback feature itself, and so we’ve simplified that to a menu-driven system so that you don’t have to type out an entire email. This also means that sending feedback can be completely anonymous, since it doesn’t go through email, and you can tell us exactly how you feel without fear of us sending a Dilophosaurus after you ;)

And for those that asked for audio pronunciations of dinosaur names, fear not! We have heard you! And you will soon hear us pronouncing those intricate and challenging dinosaur names so that your five-year-old (and you) will be able to master them! This feature is coming in the next release, sometime early October (weeks from now!). Here is a sneak peak at the feature:

And finally, we’ve added other little details that we hope will make your app experience just a tad better: you can now configure “dinosaur mood”, which determines how noisy the dinosaurs are; and flashcards and quizzes are now numbered so you’ll always know exactly where you are.

And that’s it for now. We hope you enjoy all of these brand new features, and we really appreciate all of the feedback we’ve received. Keep it coming!!