New Features in version 1.4

Dinosaurs! | Sunday January 23 2011 12:33 am | Comments (0)

Hello again everyone! Hope you had a great holiday season. We recently released an update to Dinosaurs Unleashed! which includes useful features like Favorites and Groups, and, as always, bug fixes and other minor improvements. So you can now pick out your favorite dinos and the app will focus only on those, or you can set it to focus only on the dinos that you know well or don’t know as well. The quiz feature also uses these groups to help you learn dinos more efficiently — for example, you can select “Poorly answered” as the group, and then DinoCards, Dinos In Your Backyard and the Search feature will only bring up those dinosaurs which have been poorly answered in the quiz. This will help you get more familiar with the dinos that you don’t know so well, and the quiz will also ask you about these dinosaurs so that you can be sure that you’ve learned them correctly. We try to make learning efficient here at Live Doodles! :D